Fedora 21 ALPHA's default wallpaper published and available for download

Fedora delivers by default a main default wallpaper and, due to the upcoming release of Fedora 21 ALPHA, the new wallpaper that is to beautify the ALPHA release of Fedora 21 has just been made available.

That is, Fedora's Martin Sourada has announced the availability of the default background for Fedora 21 ALPHA:

"I've prepared the package for f21a wallpaper, but while in the middle of making it I realized one tiny problem -- I don't know how to properly call it, since F21 does not have a code name. I'd like to sort this out before submitting the package for review, for now I've called it phoenix."

I personally like the new wallpaper, to me it symbolizes a mysterious area placed among the clouds, the top darker area is properly met by the light emerging from the bottom, thus creating a contrast pleasant to the eye.

In the same time, there is a sense of tranquility, softness and warmth, the watcher is to feel comfortable and delighted by its simplicity and balanced color tones.

Also, by looking at it there is a feel of freedom and creativity fully guessing that Fedora 21 Workstation will be a solid place for your creativity where only the sky is the limit, there is an above-the-clouds clarity that allows the brain to fructify its energy in creating code, watching movies, listening music, testing applications and so on, there is a feel of a pristine ground where your ideas take root instantly and flower more easily under the roof of Fedora 21 Workstation, there is a feel of totally original and a mass of elements that can be shaped as you like, there is a feel of agility and lack of boundaries where you are to enjoy the powerful Fedora 21 operating system.

In case you want to use this wallpaper in Fedora 20, too, feel free to download it from https://mso.fedorapeople.org/packages/SRPMS/f21-backgrounds-20.91.0-2.fc20.src.rpm and open it by right-clicking on it-->Open With Archive Manager -similarly to a regular archive-.