DNF 0.5.5 and Core DNF Plugins 0.1.2 released with improvements


Fedora 22 is to ship by default DNF, DNF to replace YUM, effort gradually materialized with new and new features added to DNF on a constant basis; it is natural, therefore, to affirm that DNF will be 100% ready to be used in Fedora 22 as default.

In the same time, due to Fedora's vivid ecosystem, there are numerous users who ask more and more features to be implemented in DNF, as well as various specific enablements necessary for a more modern experience.

G'MIC available in Fedora 21 Branched, soon to be available in Fedora 20, too

gimp, gmic

G'MIC is a powerful versatile image-processing structure, related to the professional GIMP it offers a collection of almost 400 plugins/filters specialized in affecting your pictures.

That is, with G'MIC -for GIMP- you can apply to your images effects like painting, pen drawing, watercolors, polaroid, drop shadow, relief light, lava patterns, mosaic, 3D blocks, kaleidoscope and more, feel free to explore the almost four hundreds filters and choose what you like.

Verbiste 0.1.41 landed in Fedora 20's GNOME Software


Verbiste is an effective French verb-conjugation tool, with it you can rapidly grasp the conjugation of more than 7000 built-in French verbs -no Internet connection required- as easily as typing a verb in its Verb field and hitting Enter, action that lists that verb's conjugation -also, Verbiste supports Italian verbs, too, while in a smaller percentage-.

Enjoy a different window display in Overview with Native Window Placement

Fedora is a serious, professional-like operating system put together, developed and enriched by a multitude of experts, we have here experts in programming, design, management, participation, contribution, advocacy, translations and more, these are the persons working hard to deliver power, freedom -in cost and nature-, beauty and choice as encapsulated into Fedora.

The user choice is accessible and usable via numerous tools and technologies, including the diversity that the GNOME Shell extensions bring to our modern Fedora.

Adjust your item-copying actions with MiniCopier

In Fedora 20 you can easily copy multiple files between locations, you can do it as easily as copying & pasting those items with Nautilus.

Still, there are some extra features that MiniCopier adds to the copying process, as you will see below.

First, let us be crystal clear: MiniCopier is a graphical item-copying tool, with it you can adjust the copying of files to suit your specific scenarios, such as limiting the speed of copying items.

How to easily remove unwanted characters from EPUBs

Most likely you have some EPUBs on your computer, most likely you have already encountered EPUBs in an excellent state, yet, having an improperly-written title or faulty characters on its front page(s).

In other words, the EPUBs are in a very good state, yet, containing minor-yet-annoying characters, in which case you can remedy the situation in a matter of seconds.

What I have in mind is Calibre's ebook editor, this tool can help you as easily as:

GTKInspector 3.13.5 received handy font selector

Weeks ago GTK+ received GTKInspector, namely, a GTK+ inspector that allows you to inspect objects, resources, CSS, several visual parts and more, essentially, a powerful manner of understanding, identifying and exploring GTK+ applications.

GTKInspector 3.13.5 was released recently -as a default part of GTK+ 3.13.5-, receiving new relevant features, as in the case of the handy font selector.

Puzzle game Hitori 3.13.4 released with totally-redesigned look & feel

The GNOME 3.13.4 release has arrived in the public space during this week, there are new features, there are enablements, there are optimizations.

Also, there are fresh applications ported to the latest design trends, as in the case of Hitori 3.13.4.

Hitori is a handy game that centers the Japanese game Hitori into a now-integrated interface, that is, the newly-released Hitori 3.13.4 introduces support for headerbars and a totally-revamped, modernized look & feel.

GNOME on Wayland gained resize/move support in Fedora 21 Branched

Mutter is the very core of GNOME Shell, Mutter that continues to enable critical aspects for a even more modern Fedora desktop.

Mutter 3.13.4 arrived recently in Fedora 21 Branched via the regular updates, bringing touch-gesture support, fixes, as well as working/optimized move & resize support under GNOME on Wayland.

Let us be clear: if you install gnome-session-wayland-session in Fedora 21 Branched you gain a GNOME on Wayland session at GDM, namely, you can select GNOME on Wayland via the login screen's gear menu.