[Announcement] fedoraFTW.com is now closed, goodbye!

At least for me, this is a sad day, as the title of this article says fedorFTW.com is now closing.

In case you wonder why, the answer is very simple: money -or the lack of money, to be more exact-.

For those of you who don't know me as a writer -probably most of you-, I've been a blogger/writer/you-name-it for four years now and I've never managed to gather some money, I've always been in a survival state -from a financial point-of-view-.

Fedora 20's easy guide to wallpaper slideshows


You know Fedora 20's default wallpaper, this background is shipped by default, this is a static wallpaper.

But what if you want a slideshow of wallpapers, what if you want more backgrounds on your Fedora 20 cycled-through automatically? Well, BackSlide and Settings can help you.

Let us look at Settings first, that is, if you navigate to Settings-->Background-->Background and click on the below-seen wallpaper tile you will enjoy a slideshow that is constantly being changed as dependent on the time of the day -sunset, sunrise, etc-.

How to easily organize rarely-accessed items


Do you regularly download all kinds of items in your Downloads folder, do you have folders containing numerous items you rarely access? If yes, then the below might interest you.

What I have in mind is an easy-yet-effective manner of organizing your rarely-accessed items from certain folders, manner doable via Ctrl + H and by adding a dot in front of those folders.

Trash extension updated

I'm not sure about you, but I personally love the Trash GNOME Shell extension, this handy extension allows you to clear your trash directly from the handiness of the top bar.

That is, if you delete an item -as in moving it to the trash- the extension displays a trash icon on the top bar, from there you can either open the trash or delete the items; in other words, its icon becomes important from a visual point-of-view and, to be frank, Trash has featured quite an unaesthetic icon, but things have changed.

Intel developer tested Wayland on Fedora 20 with interesting results


Fedora 23 will feature by default Wayland, Wayland that will replace X with innumerable benefits.

Now, Wayland has seen across the past months and months quite a development and integration related to Fedora 21 and GNOME 3.14 -both under development at-the-moment-, gradually the on-demand-installable GNOME on Wayland has brought in our desktops more and more features, more and more enablements, more and more power.

Fedora 21's release schedule refreshed, ALPHA to be released on September 9th 2014


As you most likely know, Fedora 21 is the first Fedora that is to be presented to the world as Fedora Workstation, Fedora Server and Fedora Cloud.

Not only the above are very complex projects, but also the new features, fresh designs and implemented objectives are massive, as a consequence, it is natural to affirm that there is a tremendous effort behind releasing Fedora Workstation, Fedora Cloud and Fedora Server -all of them 21-.

Fedora 21 ALPHA's default wallpaper landed

Days ago the developers revealed the default wallpaper for Fedora 21 ALPHA, I personally like it and I have a feeling that you like it, too.

The mentioned wallpaper has arrived via the regular updates in Fedora 21 pre-ALPHA, beautifying the desktop with its class, minimalism and elegance, adding an extra dose of originality to the pre-ALPHA.

DNF 0.6.1 released with enhancements


Most likely you are aware that DNF will replace YUM in Fedora 22 by default, DNF seeing quite some features and releases across the past months, practically, on a constant basis the developers are strengthening and enhancing more and more DNF, preparing it for its default arrival in Fedora 22.

DNF 0.6.1 has been released with new features, in it there are: