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Wayland 1.6 ALPHA released


Wayland will ship by default in Fedora 23, still, until then you will be able to on-demand use Wayland -as a session selectable at login- in Fedora Workstation 21 and Fedora Workstation 22.

Even if the default target for Wayland in Fedora is Fedora Workstation 23, the developers have not abandoned Wayland's integration in Fedora and GNOME, by contrary, the development continues -as we speak- with new and new features and enablements in this area.

Five apps I use to improve my productivity

Fedora 20 offers quite a productive environment via its both default and non-default applications.

Although there is a multitude of applications I personally use on a daily basis, I will list in this article only five apps that significantly improve my productivity in Fedora 20.

Yes, but why? Well, simply because you could also find these apps suitable to boost your productivity, apps such as:

GNOME Shell 3.13.90 landed in Fedora 21 Branched with animations and improvements

A multitude of GNOME 3.13.90 applications has already landed in Fedora 21 Branched, bringing style, features, polish and bug fixes.

Today was the turn of GNOME Shell 3.13.90 to arrive in Fedora 21 Branched via the regular updates, we have in it fixes, under-the-hood optimizations and new animations for its windows.

First, take a look at the below clips to see the animations I'm talking about:

Enjoy a Fedora 21 Branched-like calculator in the Overview via Calculator, handy GNOME Shell extension

Weeks ago Fedora 21 Branched welcomed GNOME Calculator 3.13.3, version introducing at that moment a search provider in the Overview, that is, in Fedora 21 Branched -as we speak- you can perform calculations directly in the Overview via GNOME Calculator's search provider.

The feature is handy, but what if you want such functionality in your mighty Fedora 20, too? Well, you can use the Calculator GNOME Shell extension.

How to easily screenshot portions of the desktop and focused windows


Fedora 20 is full of goodies all over the place, with them you can enjoy an indeed modern, handy and effort-free computer experience.

Let me give you an example: with Shift + Print Screen you can easily screenshot a selected-by-you portion of the desktop, with Alt + Print Screen you are able to rapidly screenshot the currently-focused window; these two keyboard shortcuts can help you to easily capture portions of the desktop via a mere keyboard shortcut.

You will do it as:

Initial Human Interface Guidelines for GNOME 3.14 and GTK+ 3.14 published

hig, design

If you look for couple of minutes at Fedora 21 Branched and the GNOME 3.14 development cycle you will rapidly conclude that Fedora and GNOME have evolved tremendously from a visual point-of-view, too.

The past months have brought into our computers popovers, headerbars, built-in menu buttons, all kinds of dialogs and behaviors, pool of beauty generated by the latest official designs created by the Fedora and GNOME developers.